One of the most powerful ways to inspire and encourage someone is a personal letter. This is because written words can be reread and encouraged again. Therefore, they are magical. Currently, there are different ways of writing those personalized words: texting, emailing, mailbox card or letter. Personally, I look forward to daily walking to the mailbox, expecting a fresh communication; it is pure gold.

Today I received a personalized email. It touched me deeply. The following partial message was my personalized reply:

“You are an angel of the Lord in the life of Fred Crowell. I thank you for elevating me from the dark valleys to the high mountains where the SON shines on me. Life can be hard, yet not so hard with the Lord’s love, grace, mercy and kindness. Jesus is my ALL IN ALL. He is the Good Shepherd who lets me live in the ‘I-shall-not-want’ state of mind. I have absolutely everything I need. When we get to the place where we have nothing to lose, then life on earth has nothing for us in terms of materialism, prestige and power. Then, only then, are we free. You and your husband are both a true sister and brother in Christ – love you both!”

For me, I am confident God will never leave me or forsake me as He said (Hebrews 13:5-6). He is my anchor. His “say-so” has become my say-so, even when facing a difficult or dreaded experience. 

Today, in this fragile world, is there someone you can gift with encouragement by a personalized letter, card, email or text? I know that someone will surely appreciate it!