March 15 became a famous day known now as “THE IDES OF MARCH” relating to Roman history. We can learn three lessons from Roman incidents of that day.

  • In the year 44 B.C., the March date was the day Julius Caesar was assassinated by his trusted friends. This was ultimate betrayal. LESSON: Trusted friends must have the two crucial qualifications of proven track record (PTR) and worthy of being imitated (WOBI). Not every “friend” is a true, honorable, sincere friend.
  • On that March date, Julius Caesar was earlier begged by his most loyal and loved wife not to attend the Senate meeting where these friends were. He did not listen. LESSON: Listen and receive counsel ONLY from truly trusted friends.
  • March 15, is the first day of the full moon, also was known in Roman times as the date for settling all debts, especially financially. Being in debt is a form of bondage. LESSON: Choose a date to eliminate all debts and stop borrowing. Types of debts: credit card debt, auto debt, bodyweight debt, forgiveness debt. 2021 is a great year to pay off ALL debts. The opposite of bondage the most worthy and wise friends instruct us to remove all indebtedness… except for gratitude, service, and to honor our freedom. March 15 can be a red-letter day for you as you choose your challenge.

Ides of March 2021 challenge: How many debts can you and I eliminate by March 15, 2022? Name them, then claim them!