There are many brilliant thinkers historically. To name a few, there are Aristotle, Plato, Socrates, Einstein, Augustine, Ignatius, Edison, Franklin. Yet, there is an additional man who deserves strong consideration. His name is Paul, formerly Saul of Tarsus. He wrote 13 books of the New Testament.

A contemporary educator, Dr. Howard Hendricks, once stated: “If I had to summarize the Christian system to only three Biblical chapters, I would choose Romans 6-8.” St. Paul wrote these chapters, so let’s take these as an overview of the Christ system. Here is what I see.

Romans 6 – The Four Foundations of the Christ System

  1. KNOW who Christ has made you.
  2. RECKON it so (dead yet alive), meaning “all-in” commitment.
  3. YIELD to the Lord Jesus Christ, the same as yielding at a yield sign on the road in busy traffic.
  4. OBEY what Jesus tells you to do.

Romans 7 – The Two Questions-Actions of the Christ System

  1. Why do I do the things I don’t want to do? Action: Stop!
  2. Why don’t I do the things I should do? Action: Start!

Romans 8 – The Perfect Solution of the Christ System

The unwavering, unshakable takeaways are:

  1. In Christ, we have NO CONDEMNATION.
  2. In Christ, we have NO DISOWNMENT possible; we are adopted sons and daughters.
  3. In Christ, we have NO “BAD” from His perspective; all things work for good when we love Him and do His will.
  4. In Christ, NO SEPARATION from His love.

From this basketball coach’s perspective, the Christ System makes perfect sense. Why? Humanly, basketball players excel when they know their coach loves them. Basketball players improve when their coach tells them what to do and what not to do. Basketball players thrive when their coach treats them as sons, has their back, and coaches them up not down.  

My Head Coach does all this and more.