Today is focus time on 3 impactful words!

First, is the idea of thankfulness. It is impossible to have a negative attitude and be thankful. Thanklessness is a terrible robber of peace and contentment.

Second, is the idea of gratitude. Dennis Prager’s short clip on gratitude is brilliant.

Gratitude is a mental muscle. It grows by being grateful. It diminishes by being selfish and angry.

Both thankfulness and gratitude are learned behavior.  They demand a choice.

You choose thankfulness or you choose thanklessness.

You choose gratitude or you choose ingratitude.

Third, is the idea of creation. These two photos and a painting by Ann Tremarello move me to a state of thankfulness and gratitude. Regardless of snow in Alaska or sun in Hawaii, our beloved Creator shows us His ability to do all He says He can do.

Wherever you are; whatever your circumstance, put on the beautiful clothes of thankfulness and gratitude.

With eyes and a heart filled with thankfulness and gratitude creation will be in full color for you to enjoy.