What’s better than getting a text from a person you highly respect telling you that you are awesome?

Today one of my heroes, Roger Smith, texted me,”You were awesome on the NBC conference call today.”

My text back to Roger, “Takes awesome to recognize awesome.”

This reminds me when the Oarsman, Jay Crowell, sent me the nugget, “What you appreciate, appreciates.”

Matter of fact!

You can’t see what you don’t experience in your own life. 

You can’t give away what you don’t have in your own life. 

You can’t be what you don’t believe you can be. 

If awesome, greatness, love, joy, loss, pain, victory are not your life experiences, it is unlikely you can see these qualities in other people.  

Everyone enjoys a sincere compliment, however the compliment  that I received in this case was not the reason I was so blessed.  

Sometimes I am told, “You are awesome, Crowell!” But it does not impact.

Why is this so?

Because the compliment is tied to the giver of the compliment. The person who told me I was awesome, is super awesome in my eyes.  

For a person to see awesome in others, they must have awesome in themselves. 

The skill to encourage, inspire, love, and even suffer with those who suffer, begins with self. The healthier I am spiritually, mentally, and physically, the more quickly, and clearly I will see the needs and miracles in others.

Project for today: Spend 10 quiet minutes thinking about the awesomeness in yourself. Later, tell one person three reasons they are awesome.