Imagine making a blanket guarantee that all things, meaning everything in your life, will work out for good!  Consider this life guarantee written by St. Paul who was beheaded at the end of his life: All things will work out for good. The purpose of any guarantee is to give assurance to the promisee.

Does this sound like one of those get-rich gimmicks?  Or does it remind you of that best-ever diet where you eat all you want, then pay only $1 a day for pills, and are told you will lose all those unwanted pounds? Looking at these, they sure sound good! Yet, when tried, the results are not what you sought.

In our culture, there are two requirements for a guarantee to be given:

  • Purchase of a product
  • Signed contract

The all-things-work-together guarantee also has two requirements:

  • To love God, the Blessed Holy Trinity
  • Be called according to God’s purpose for lives, not our own purposes

This makes possible GOD’S ONE THINGTurn every life experience into a work for good. (Romans 8:28-29)

Even if the life experience is a difficult experience, as cancer is for Fred Crowell, we can believe moment by moment good is working out for us. God never causes bad things to happen to us!  There are other forces at work in our world today, but God is still accomplishing His purchases (planned before the foundation of this world).

We can TRUST GOD’S CHARACTER to always want the best for usOh, taste and see that the Lord is good…” Psalm 34:8.