“Which one comes first?”

In reading through Van Gogh quotes one stood out because of the fact NBC Camps hires more than 400 coaches each summer.

“Your profession is not what brings your weekly paycheck, your profession is what you’ve been put on earth to do with such passion and such intensity that it becomes a spiritual calling.” – Vincent Van Gogh

Vividly my brother, Mike, and I remember a scene in our living room. It was one extremely cold winter night. We had no heat in our upstairs bedroom, and it was one one of our three sisters turns to have the coveted hot water bottle.

Standing in front of the oil stove heating two bricks to take to our individual beds. Believe me, we cherished our towel wrapped heated bricks.

Seems funny now to imagine, two teenage boys heating their bricks to cuddle during the night.

Dad was in a foul mood. Who wouldn’t be! His job was to drive an hour to work graveyard in a plywood mill at minimum wage.

He opened the front door to leave then abruptly shut the door. He yelled with force and intensity, “Look at me!” My brother and I were at full attention.

“I hate this job and I hope to God someday you have a job you love.”

Well, thanks, Dad. Mike was superintendent of schools, loved his career, won 2 state championships as a basketball coach and one as a golf coach.

NBC has been my passion. Passion drives one to seek competency, love your job and life is sweet.

Jesus said whatever you do, do it with all your mind and heart for Him.