No discipline seems pleasant at the time but later on, however, it produces a fruit of righteousness for those who are trained by it. 

One day while channel surfing a program I came across showed the devastation of not being able to feel pain.  

Imagine leaning with your backside against a hot stove. You don’t feel the heat. You burn your body severely without knowing it. 

 This condition is called CIPA:

  • Congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis (CIPA) has two characteristic features: the inability to feel pain and temperature, and decreased or absent sweating (anhidrosis). … 
  • An inability to feel pain and temperature often leads to repeated severe injuries.

Ashlyn is among a tiny number of people in the world known to have congenital insensitivity to pain with anhidrosis, or CIPA — a rare genetic disorder that makes her unable to feel pain. … “Pain’s there for a reason. It lets your body know something’s wrong and it needs to be fixed.

In reality, pain is not a bad thing it is a good thing. Instead of seeing pain as a dreaded enemy it is wise to welcome pain as an indicator that change is necessary.

Fortunately, we have been given a nervous system that tells us what we need to know to change.  

Unfortunately, all too often we run from the pain. Serious athletes embrace pain, in fact, they love the burn.

Dedicated academic students enjoy the mental pain to learn to excel and grow their minds.

People with serious injuries or illnesses do better accepting the pain than those who do whatever they can to run from the pain.

Fact is, pain is as much a part of life as it is a pleasure. Metaphorically speaking, the back side of the hand is pleasure, the palm is pain. 

Four ways to make pain work for you:

  1. Recognize the pain – know what it is, try to figure out what caused it.
  2. To feel the pain – Let it play out, don’t run from it. 
  3. Do your very best to fix the pain. Seek the best help possible from wise professionals.. 
  4. Find promises from God’s word to give you the inner courage and strength to fight. 

Crowell’s bottom line cancer-fighting motto:

Be joyful always

Pray without ceasing

In everything give thanks

For this is God’s will

In Christ Jesus

Concerning Fred Crowell