Today my remarkable friend, Dr. Caviezel, sent me “One Pair of Hands” sung by Carroll Roberson. Incredible, inspiration, uplifting!

Dr. Jim knows something about a pair of hands. He is a very successful chiropractor in Mount Vernon, WA whose kind and healing hands are also highly respected for professional excellence.

Smart basketball coaches are mindful of hands as well. Some hoopers have soft hands; others have wooden hands. Great basketball players have soft hands able to catch, pass, and shoot the basketball.

It is possible for a basketball player to develop soft hands. It begins with mental focus. The mind tells the fingers to be soft and stretched. Amazingly, then the basketball becomes easy to catch, to pass, and more accurately score points. Hands will obey the mind. Tell the hands to do whatever you command; then they deliver your mind’s instructions. 

Besides basketball players, other ball sports must master positioning the ball with their hands: golfers, football players, soccer players, baseball and softball players, volleyball players, cricket and rugby players, even field hockey players.

We also know a car rides more smoothly with a lighter grip; too often a beginning driver grips the steering wheel too tightly, causing the car to roll when on a sweeping curve.

Related to a human being, hanging onto life too tightly makes life more difficult. Living life with a sensitive, open hand makes life easier. Like fruit on a tree, avoiding stress and force helps its growth. Likewise, life’s grace and beauty come from a pair of soft hands.

One pair of hands begs this question: What are you going to do with the two hands on your wrists? They can be instruments for doing good or, sadly, they can be used to tear down and destroy.