Fear is a dominating emotion that cripples performance and steals success.

Is it possible to live without fear?

Probably not because there are two types of fear.

First the good type of fear. The Psalmist said fear of the Lord is the beginning of Wisdom. A fear of respect, not of failure. This fear means I respect you so much that I desire to give you my very best effort.

We want to grow this healthy fear day by day. This pleases God and honors people we love.

Second is a bad fear. The angel of the Lord said to young Mary in the garden, “Be not afraid.” John told us, “Perfect love casts out fear.”

Jesus was the master extinguisher of the dreaded fear of failure and rejection. Throughout His mission, He challenged His own to trust Him and not to fear, even the dreaded sword-bearing Roman soldiers.

Too much of my life at times could be described as the man in a large ditch being chased by an out of control ditch digger. Running for my life to prove oneself worthy and escape being buried in the guilt of failure.

Amazingly, cancer slowed me down. I could no longer outrun the fear.

Running fast, outworking the competition, initiating over 80% of phone calls, emails, and letters was no longer possible. I am not afraid.

How was I going to stop the fear-failure machine from eating me up?

What I now say sounds so simple and many can’t believe it. For me, it was to stop running, turn around, and face this bully.

My reality is Abba Father takes care of me. In Christ all His resources are mine. His Spirit lives in me.

Not because I wanted to stop running to please people, but because I couldn’t health-wise. Yes, the emails and phone calls have lessened. Yes once in a while someone will tell me I don’t care about them anymore. Yes, I am alone a great deal more often. But I am not so worried about people liking me anymore. Not that I love them any less.

My reality is I am free. Free to live or to die. Paul said, “Death where is thy sting?”

My freedom gives me the full power to love God, love people, and to live life as never before.

Make no mistake, I would like to live in this freedom another 20 years, yet I am ready to go see my Mom in heaven today.

I truly wish the same for you. Enjoy my amazing miracle Natalya, now a graduate of Oklahoma City U singing, I’m Not Afraid of Anything.