One great mind once said, “If you spend 15 minutes a day in Mindful Management with Self-Regulation, you will be able to solve nearly all of your problems.”

Fifteen minutes! Many will use the excuse that “I am too busy!” Yet, the fact is you are too busy if you don’t take 15 minutes in Mindful Management and Self-Regulation. Surprisingly, these 15 minutes will save hours in a day. Why? Because they become your Prep Time, your get-ready time for the day’s purpose.

What will be the results of this personal still time?

  • Increased focus and creativity
  • Fully present in the moment
  • Prioritization and readiness, not just the immediate
  • Sense of purpose and mission
  • Sense of acceptance and adaptability
  • Calmness under pressure
  • Attentiveness to people and their needs
  • Maintenance of internal values
  • Elimination of the non-important
  • Elimination of negative situational responses by pausing between a feeling and an action
  • Elimination of worry and distraction
  • New viewpoints: 1) See challenges as opportunities to put forth your best effort; 2) See good in others and situations; 3) The possibility to bounce back from failure, resilience.

When do you set up these 15 minutes of still time?  

  • Plan your best 15 minutes of your day, usually first 15 minutes of your morning.
  • Make it an intentional priority for Mindful Management and Self-Regulation.
  • Choose these 15 minutes first to consider meeting with God for Mindful Management and Self-Regulation. (You will know Who is waiting for you!)
  • Know these 15 minutes can change and direct your life. 

How do I know the importance of these 15 minutes of still time?

  • God has said it is important. Psalm 46:10, “Be still (cease striving) and know (be in awe) that I am God…”
  • This is the conviction that God’s people are always secure, no matter the environment.
  • God is the true home, a fortress— there is nothing to fear — He is above all.