“Evil destroys life.”

No chapter in the Bible has impacted me more than Paul’s Godly wisdom in Romans 6 where he teaches us to no longer be slaves to evil. I personally regard sin and evil as one in the same.

In my book MEET MY HEAD COACH, chapter 10 is titled, NO LONGER A SLAVE.  I confess Lord the life challenge I face daily, is to live a joyful life of freedom, free from sin, and free from any and all things that diminish the beauty and grace of life.

Lord, I think of so many who could experience freedom from evil if only they could experience the reality of Paul’s teaching in Romans 6, “alive to life and dead to sin.”

Amazingly Paul’s prescription for all types of evil is not based on human effort, hard work or sheer determination. To the contrary; the solution to addictions, poverty of spirit and all destructive behaviors is YIELDING and turning away from self, and turning to Christ.

The miracle of Christ’s message and the real kicker is that we don’t change so He accepts us, rather we come to Him so He can change us.

Such a mystery brilliant minds can’t even understand, yet so simple children comprehend and experience the joy of knowing Jesus personally, while often critical adults live without the joy He brings.

Today, this gorgeous autumn day I choose life. This truly is the day The Lord as made and I will rejoice in it.