Labor Day Celebration

I discovered far too late in life what Labor Day Celebration should be.  I thought it was valuing hard work.  It really is appreciating what workers have given to the strength and well-being of America because of their toil.  Sometimes their toil was beyond having any personal hours for family.  Therefore, a day was given to gain a few hours back for family.

Yet, labor is a significant virtue, and many hard workers have displayed this virtue.  However, I discovered that the real virtue is the joy and passion for hard work.  This means the LOVE of working hard is the celebration.  When you live to enjoy work and contribute to life, it is no longer hard work; it becomes a privilege instead.  This is the exhilaration.

Many people think Labor Day is a day to celebrate getting paid but not having to work.  Would it not be more meaningful to celebrate on Labor Day the thanksgiving for the opportunity of work?  This is a big difference!

I guarantee you many people in hospital beds and nursing homes would appreciate getting out of bed and loving work.  If you have the health to work, take a moment to be thankful for this privilege.  If you are ill and can no longer work, take a moment to be thankful for the previous days you were able to work.

If parents and teachers display before children the joy of working hard, this cycle will continue into future generations!