In the days of old a quiver full of quality arrows was a must. It was the difference between life and death.

The Psalmist used a quiver as a simile for a man having many sons. His sons would become both his workers and his warriors.

For these two reasons, the ancients placed great value on mother’s birthing boys not to mention the ego of having one’s name continue on in family legacy.

In the modern world, thanks to the teachings  of Jesus, women have been exalted to equal status.

What does it mean in today’s world to have a quiver full of reliable arrows as protectors?

For me, it is God’s grace to have two reliable and trusted children. If Jennifer and Jay were arrows they would be in the finest collector’s collection; world class.

For Uncle Walt, who never had children, it would be filled with arrows waiting and hoping to be chosen to be in his quiver.  Walter Mitchell was that good of man. I loved him more than my father.

Today there is really nothing more important than taking out each arrow in your imaginary quiver.

Imagine the care the warrior of old would have taken with each treasured arrow in his quiver. Think of how hard and long he would search to find one shot amiss. The one that missed the big elk.

Treat the arrows in your life in the same manner. Join me right here, right now in arrow appreciation day. How can we help them shot straight and true.

The human arrows in our lives are God’s gift to us. Who are these arrows in your life? Let’s get going. Our human arrows need some love and encouragement.