Through my basketball coaching and camp years, I discovered I needed strength beyond measure.  You too?  I had so many dreams and goals!  But I have experienced that God’s strength has become my inner strength.  In my life book, the Bible, there are 232 “strength” words.  I will share only a few of my discoveries.

  • God’s strength can be lifelong, goes from “strength to strength”  throughout life.
  • God’s strength on life’s journey is imparted when needed as I stay connected with Him.
  • God’s strength is linked with joy; the two go together.
  • God’s strength is timely, a present help in trouble.

A good friend of mine is living proof of deep inner strength.  He and his best friend Bary raced with their children at a Maui beach for body surfing in 2014.  In a second of time, an over-40-years-of-age athlete became a quadriplegic, even though his best friend saved his life.  His name is Todd Duitsman.  No one in my life experience has greater inner strength than Todd.  He faces each day with the firm resolve to live joy and love.  Let’s you and I have the same resolve.