Saint Ignatius trained his Jesuit priests to be aware of and to recognize the difference between consolation and desolation.

The bad news when experiencing the delight of being in consolation is that at any moment desolation is coming. When desolation comes, it comes without warning.

The good news when experiencing the discomfort of desolation, consolation will come; therefore, hang on to hope, the anchor of our souls (mind, emotions, spirit).

Apply a basketball coach’s goal of training the team to battle fierce competition. Practice the skill to perform comfortably in extremely uncomfortable situations. If we want to live well when we experience desolation, it requires intentional practice.

Biblically speaking one of the benefits of being united with Jesus Christ is having the Holy Spirit living in us. This alone brings an element of comfort when we experience discomfort.

So when life seems at it’s worst, hang on to hope, the anchor that holds you to the good things in your life.