WRITTEN LETTER can be an effective way to communicate. Francis Bacon said: “Reading makes us full, speaking makes us prepared, and writing makes us exact.” A letter is from one person to others to be read.  

For nearly 50 years, letter writing was an assignment at my beloved NBC Camps. Its visual memory is still etched in my mind, watching several hundred athletes spaced throughout Quinn Coliseum at Eastern Oregon University writing letters to moms, dads, or significant others. (Some athletes were even lying on the basketball court!) The tens of thousands of letters mailed home during the camp have transformed many, many lives.

As I write to you (texting with only my right thumb), it is a privilege and joy to report I am feeling well and have high hopes for next week’s oncology meeting. It also delights me to share that I am experiencing heaven here on earth as God planned. He has kept me here for two reasons: to love the Holy Trinity and to love people. 

Yesterday, as I was walking with Luis Angel Santa Maria here in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I gave him a nugget to inspire his team in a staff meeting. It was the secret attitude called CONTENTMENT. 

Two ladies who were best friends were passing by. They were from Chicago. Seemingly out of nowhere, one exclaimed: “I needed to hear that! I have been very depressed, but last week the Holy Spirit changed my life.” Soon a heaven-on-earth conversation ensured, with this radiant woman sharing her joyful experience. While facing the Sea of Cortez, we joined hands and prayed for one another. Susie was on the deck of our condo, overheard the joy, and was thrilled when I shared the complete story with her.

I close this letter to you with a song I have been singing, mainly to myself. (If you have heard me sing, you will understand why it is to myself, but I am taking singing lessons.) Please listen to the attached song entitled HE TOUCHED ME with the words “He touched me and made me whole.” As my testimony, He did. I hope He has touched you.