The Psalmist said, “The Lord knows everything about us.”

Imagine being able to say, “You know everything about me, even before I say it, and exclaim, such knowledge is too wonderful!

In my experience, I know we don’t know everything to be known about us. Who originated the saying, “Everyone has skeletons in the closet?”

Matter of fact, it is common for people to avoid the truth about themselves. Existential diagnosis is difficult even when you are 100% committed to self-discovery, and impossible if you are unwilling to humble yourself and open the closet to your inner life.

I vividly remember saying to two of NBC’s finest staff, “When I am long gone, remember my two favorite words, “My fault.” Why are they my favorite? Simple answer! In my experience, your fault is common; my fault, uncommon.

For those who wish to discover the reality of how precious God’s thoughts are about us, please read Psalm 139 out loud each day this week. Even better, read it with an important person in your life.