Coach Jim Harrick delights in saying, “I am doing nothing today and I won’t start until noon.”

As my wife Susie recovers from a car accident that resulted in a broken sternum, which has rendered her helpless, we are doing nothing. The pain in doing much of anything has been horrendous for her.

After many weeks at camp, my body is weary, yet for both Susie and I doing nothing is hard work mentally speaking. It is uncomfortable dos us to be doing nothing.

We are spending 7 days at Deer Lake. Just the two of us. Rummy is one of our activities. My favorite sport is power naps. Susie enjoys reading. Writing Words of Hope keeps me in close touch with the Lord, my inspiration.  

The closer we keep to doing only the basic essentials of daily life, the more we are experiencing the fruits of rest and peace.

H A L T – hungry, angry, lonely, and tired are the fruits of fear, anxiety, being too busy, un-forgiveness, narcissism and arrogance.

Doing nothing is an opportunity to restore balance and rest. This is like the annual every airplane must do to be certified to fly another year. It is the full medical exam.

We are on day five of our “do nothing” week and it is becoming more comfortable each day.

Our life tanks are being refueled. The future is filled with hope. Gratitude is our lynchpin to being able to see beauty in creation and in people and to recognize new opportunities.  

Hope this inspires you to find some time to do nothing.