The three D’s are the ingredients for a joyful, cheerful and fulfilling day! Oh, how we love the anticipation of a fantastic day! This feeling is because life is a gift. However, it is not an automatic response; it is the product of cultivating gratitude for a long period of time.
Often we use these 3 D’s in our speech:

  1. “It is a delight to see you!” – thrill, extreme satisfaction
  2. “It is a delightful day!” – highly pleasing
  3. “I was delighted with your gift!” – very glad, happy
Lying your head on the pillow, closing your eyes, smiling with a delighted heart produces a delightful mindset for very good sleep to prepare to wake up in delight
May this pleasure, gratification, bliss be yours as you are captivated by daily gratitude. May you speak, be and show these three D’s: Delight, delightful, delighted.