Over the past 49 years of leading NBC Basketball Camps, there have been many opportunities to help student-athletes defeat the dreaded disease of anorexia. This is an eating disorder, a psychological condition with an obsessive fear of gaining weight. Often it is self-starvation and can be compulsive exercise. 

Based on these years of learning through “basketballology”, psychology, “spiritualityology” and “streetsmartology”, I see the following ideas as a prescription to defeating anorexia, or any other addiction. An addiction is a complex condition, usually a substance use disorder, thereby affecting brain and body function.

THE DIAGNOSIS — Identification

  1. It is an enemy to real life.
  2. It is self-hatred, self-contempt, demonstrated in body punishment.
  3. It is a form of gradual suicide.

THE PROCESS — Change Game

  1. Name the addiction as an enemy.
  2. Change your self-talk, your words.
  3. Choose to be a new ME.
  4. Love the new ME and become a winner.
  5. Realize your body is a tent, a temple, a home for God’s Holy Spirit.
  6. Acknowledge you hurt God and yourself when you hurt your body.
  7. Thank God aloud for the body He gave you.
  8. Believe what God says, not what you or any person says to you.
  9. Read Psalm 8, Psalm 19, Psalm 139:14 daily.
  10. Focus on gratitude, especially before going to sleep.

Remember you are loved by so many, especially God! You are so blessed!