Key Statement: If you are too busy or don’t care enough to spend quality time, without any distractions, with a spouse, a child, a dear friend, or a person in need you care about, the true fact is, you are too busy!

Point of Bemusement: An estimated 5,000 people will receive this edition of Daily Words of Hope with Fred Crowell. 

Crowell prediction. 4 out of 5,000 will respond to Fred as prescribed. 

Funny Story:

Ed Mattfeld, man of professional excellence in the Heath Care Insurance field, sent me the following:


Old Golfer speaks out…

We had the power cut at our house this morning and my PC, laptop, TV, DVD, iPad, plus my new surround sound music system were all shut down. Then I discovered that my mobile phone battery was dead. To top it off it was raining outside, so I couldn’t play golf.

I went into the kitchen to make coffee and then I remembered that this also needs power, so I sat and talked with my wife for a couple of hours.

She seems like a nice person.

Fred’s Reflection:

Reading this took me back to the days I was counseling up to 50 clients a week with Northwest Counseling – “Personal and Family Counseling based on proven Psychological and Biblical principles.”

Like a medical doctor prescribing medicine to his patients, the Crowell Counseling System was based on three steps.

Diagnosis – What is the present problem?

From the present problem, the symptom, mine down to the root problem. The present problem is like the leaves on a tree. They reveal the health of the tree. The roots are the place where truth is found in the human experience.

Prognosis – What are the solutions?

Fixing something is always more difficult than fixing the problem.

Act – What is the prescription? Actually, it is not a prescription. It is homework.

Ironically, in so many counseling cases the client resists homework as much as a student stonewalls the teacher’s assigned homework.

Gut Check

Gut Check!

Will you complete Crowell’s prescription for improved relationships or are you either too busy or don’t care?

One excuse is the same as another. An excuse is always just another excuse.

Crowell’s Homework Assignment:

If married, have a date with your spouse. The date is one hour long; no social media, just the two of you in a quiet place. Listen well. Speak softly. Compliment often. Criticize not!

If you are a parent or a son or daughter, make an appointment with your children or your parents. This appointment can be a walk, a drive in the car, in a soft chair, or a snack in a quiet place where the two of you talk, without distractions.

If you wish to develop an intimate relationship with the Holy Trinity, God the Abba Father, the Lord Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit, set aside 15 minutes in a quiet place where silence is golden. Elegant questions require listening and full life engagement.

Crowell’s 80/20 Rule: Basic Logic

If 1,000 people read this Word of Hope, it is my estimation no more than two hundred people will do one of the three assignments.

Once completed, send an email confirming you completed all three assignments stated above.

Prediction: no more than two percent of 5,000 WOH subscribers will send an email stating they finished the 3 prescribed assignments, even though the benefits are amazing!

Crowell’s Too Busy or Don’t Care Math:

5,000 WOH subscribers
20% (1,000) will read this WOH
2% of the 1,000 will complete one of the 3 assignments.

Now we are down to 200 people out of 5,000 who will be doing the prescription for a quality relationship.

2% of these dedicated people will email to give a report.

This means 4 people out of 5,000 subscribers will respond to tell us they completed the task.

Finally, do you want me to tell you the truth or tell you a lie?

Crowell assumption based on 75 years of life experience, the number one reason families are in trouble, among many, is dads are not doing their job as husbands or dads.

Extreme example: A father of a remarkable 14-year-old boy, and I mean remarkable, has given a total of $17 in child support in 2 years.

Common example: Dad runs around in a professional NBA or NFL shirt with his favorite player’s number on it and knows more about the player than he does about his own son or daughter, yet does not have the “want to,” “know how,” or the ambition to put his arms around his wife and tell her how special she is and how much he loves her.

Speaking of golf, any man who would love their wife and their children as much as they do their golf, they would have incredible families.

Prove me wrong. I expect to receive more than four emails stating they did all three assignments.


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