The skill to know when the body and the mind are telling us the truth is equally important as knowing when the body and the mind are telling us a lie.

Harmony is when the body and mind speak the same message. Confusion is when the body and mind speak in contradiction.

Discernment is knowing who to listen to when body and mind are speaking in opposition to each other.

In sports completely knowing if the pain is from injury or just fatigue is vital. Pressing on with an injury may result in serious complications. Quitting when too tired is a recipe for losing.

Illness fighting is often a battle between body and mind.

How do you feel is a common question, a better question is, how are you doing? Often when fighting terminal illness you can’t emotionally afford to dwell on how you feel. 

Sometimes the body screams STOP; the body needs rest. Sometimes the body screams stop, but the body needs to push through the challenge.

Cancer warfare is both a body and mind battle. To win, the victor must be diligent to have body and mind in complete unity. 

I might go so far to say all life battles come down to body readiness and mental toughness.

As a professional coach, I have always been impressed that many Bible verses exhort us to present our bodies first; then our mind.

Present your body as a living sacrifice, all discipline is painful but later it produces fruit, run to win the prize. These are all body issues.

Then comes the mind part. Be transformed by the renewing of your mind; let this mind in you be renewed in Christ.    

As I write these Words of Hope my body and mind are in discussion.

My body has been screaming STOP.  My mind is trying to tell my body it is time to stop.

I have been trying to discern if it is a STOP or stop. STOP means total rest. Stop means press on; buck up.

Life is a mystery. Life is challenging. Life is tough. Life is hard. Life is joy. Life is worth the high cost of giving it our best shot.

Today I STOP! There is always tomorrow.