Tell me, promotes learning – I know, stops learning.

The other day at the Oncology clinic several of us were in a conversation. One of the staff was interested in Fred Crowell’s Daily Words of Hope titled LISTEN WELL.

Our conversation, though brief, was enlightening. 

Without judgment of the person, I presented the following.

Fred – I’ be been practicing my 6 ways to listen well. Would you like to hear them?

Person – Oh, I know all about listening. You have to be engaged.

Fred –  What does engaged mean to you?

Person – Oh you know…you have to be there,

look at the person…..

At this point, the conversation shifted. We smiled and said goodbyes.

This is my reality.

The movement, I know slides through the lips out through the pie hole, learning stops.

Hey coach, idea for you, “Encourage your players to yell shot when an opponent takes a shot.”

Coach, “I know.”

Hey Dad, “Your son needs personal, alone time with just you.”

Dad, “I know.”

Hey Fred, “If you would move more; eat less you would feel better.”

Fred, “I know.”

Mike Nilson, “If you know it and don’t do it, you don’t know it.”

Person – “I know.”

Next time we start to say, “I know,” shut the trap as my dad called it and focus on – tell me more.

Tip to basketball coaches:

This one pearl of wisdom may save your job someday.

Tip to dads: 

Just might save your marriage or keep your kid from going astray.

Time for me to practice what I preach here on eating less moving more. More fun to tell you how to live than live it myself. 

When people ask me what I do the quick answer is all too often, “I like sports because sports builds high character.”

I know, is not the best response.

Tell me how sports builds high character…

Fact is, sports does not build high or low character. Coach John Wooden said, “Sports reveal character, in the same way, missing a flight, and bad news at the doctor’s office does.

Wow! Tell me more…