St. Ignatius’s TAKE AND RECEIVE prayer is one of my most favorite prayers. Multiple times daily these are the words of my mouth. May they be yours as well.

“Take, Lord, and receive all my liberty; all my knowledge, my understanding, my memory and my entire world. All that I have and call my own I give back to You. Give me only Your love and Your grace; that is enough for me.”

Something truly wonderful happens to us when we release all our wants and all our desires. At this point, we then operate from freedom. We do not operate from greed, need or fear. We have the privilege of operating from peace because we know that we have everything we need. We lack nothing.

Truly this is a place of giftedness, a place of joy, a place where all of us hope to live. Although we often hold onto our lives, this spiritual release is sure worth it.

So, Lord, TAKE AND RECEIVE all that we are so that we can become all that You want us to be.