Once in a while, I question why I find such joyful delight when I receive a grateful expression. Recently, I received this written gratitude from Dave Short, the general manager at Toyota in Spokane: “I am so grateful for the gift, Fred. Thank you so much. I’ve had tears in my eyes every day. So powerful. You are so amazing. I would like another book for my parents, signed if you would. I’ve shared how inspired I am, and now they want the book. So there’s my first book sold!”

Why my delight? Perhaps, in part, it is related to one of my business concepts learned over time. If a business impacts a customer, it is likely 1 person in 50 who will relate his gratitude to you. It could be by calling, texting, or writing a letter of gratitude. However, if a customer is unhappy, as many as 25 in 50 will let you know of the unhappiness. In fact, criticism is common, and compliments are rare. People are far more prone to fault-finding than honoring people with kind words spoken or written. 

The Words of Hope book is my heart and passion. Its written words express what has impacted me over years of ministry with people. It has been worth any toil. When I receive a gratitude message, I feel the reader invites me into his/her secret garden. There are two more reasons why positive affirmations (I call Oxycourage) elevates me to higher ground:

  1. MUTUAL LOVE AND RESPECT – The higher the love and respect I have for the sender, the greater my delightful appreciation. Dave Short has earned my utmost respect. His text was pure gold.
  2. FULFILLMENT OF PURPOSE – To know I am doing something valuable for mankind accentuates my meaning in life. 

The takeaway for us: Discover ways to give grateful gifts. These will be voluntary presents to others without expectation of a return. You will bring life-elevating oxygen and courage to another. It is encouraging to live life with happiness, vigor, and satisfaction, pleasing to God. You will also bring many delightful joy.