The idea of teaching – coaching a child to win hit me like a ton of bricks.  As a general rule parents are not teaching their children to win. Teachers are not teaching their students to win. Coaches are not teaching their players to win.

Tragically children become adults and they do not know how to WIN.

Have you ever taken a class on winning?

Has anyone given you specific instructions on how to win?

If you were to take 15 to 30 minutes and write down 10 ways to win what would you write down?

If you are not crystal-clear in how to win, how can you win?

When I had this notion, the idea that we don’t teach children to win, I began asking these kinds of questions to many many people.

What is winning to you, how do you define winning?

What are the key important characteristics of winning?

Is it possible to win and lose at the same time?

On a scale of 1 to 10, how well are you doing at winning the game of life I call LIFEBALL?

During the days ahead Crowell University will be exploring Coaching to Win LIFEBALL.

Coach Bobby Knight was credited with saying, “When we don’t teach our players to win we cheat them.”

I say, if we don’t train our children to compete to win in a very tough world, we cheat them.

Life’s most important skill is to learn how to win and to develop the skills necessary to win whether it is T-ball, math, beating cancer, or winning at marriage.

Are you winning? Do you know how to win? Are you teaching those you love dearly how to win?

So far I have come up with five characteristics of winning. You can find them in previous Words of Hope. Lessons from Italy and Destiny.