Those flashes of seconds when the lights of the world come alive in us.

Recently the Lord blessed me with one of those “brilliant moments,” where time stood still and light flooded my being.

After 10 busy days in Scammon Bay, Anchorage and Fairbanks, the Alaska Airlines jet landed in Spokane. It was a long day. Fairbanks to Seattle to Spokane.

The “Brilliant Moment” happened an hour earlier in SeaTac. Due to arrive in Spokane at 12:30 a.m. my plan was to take a Spokane taxi home.

One of the last passengers to board the plane was Shann Ferch, my cherished father of our 3 granddaughters and husband of Jennifer.

Both Shann and I were more than surprised to see each other. Shann had missed multiple flights out of Fargo, North Dakota.

The expression on Shann’s face when we locked eyes was a “brilliant moment.”

Time stood still for a fraction of a second. Smiles erupted from our faces. A warm embrace was the touch of gentle appreciation and love.

The ride home in Shann’s car was an added bonus.

Honestly, I desire more of these “brilliant moments.” They are waiting for us to experience.

This brings me back to the WOH – STRONG MINDS-SOFT HEARTS. This is the soil from which “brilliant moment” springs forth.

The strong mind empowers us to be prepared to look and listen; a soft heart is necessary for the light to dine in us.

Psalm 103 is a mini-brilliant moment training manual.  

3 ways to experience brilliant moments:

1. Prepare the mind and heart daily.
2. Stop, look, and listen.
3. Pray without ceasing.