Questions: What impacts a person the most? What lasts the longest in a person’s life?

The answers may well be different for each person. However, should you influence someone else in a life-altering way, it may have a very profound influence on you also. And it may be a forever impact. Please allow this people influence daily in  your life. Do not only find fulfillment in your daily task list accomplishments. This people influence may very well last longer.

Here is an experience and communication the Lord chose to invite me into this week. I share with you so you will see no communication can be wasted. A teenager wrote: “Hey coach! I just wanted to say that everything you said the other day meant so much to me. For the past three years I have struggled with anorexia and have been hospitalized three times with heart failure, having attempted suicide two times. I believe that God brings people into our lives for a reason. My meeting you was (and is) God talking to me and giving me a new learning opportunity from you. I would love to keep in touch, surrounding myself with your thoughts and ideas. Thank you so much again.”

My words to encourage this suicidal teen were: “I see in you a grace, beauty, wisdom seldom seen in a teenager. It is my honest opinion if we can live through tragedy, we come out with a stronger inner character that becomes a blessing. Your mom touched my heart, and I know that no one else on earth loves you more than your mother does. So please keep her in our communications as well. I believe Jesus Christ is our true hope. This winter I plan to come see you play basketball! – P.S. One rule I hold dear is that all communication with teens is that I share with my daughter (who is an NBC leader), as well as my wife. Please know they hold what I share in strictest confidence.”

Who has touched you this week? Who have you been allowed to touch this week?  You could very well have an eternal impact!