Today’s world lives out the adage, “There is a season for everything.” Solomon said this in his book of Ecclesiastes. In other words, there is a balanced, cyclical nature of life, even for comforts or calamities.

COVID-19 exposed the inherent weakness in our USA culture. I can relate this to basketball to clarify how this terrible virus exposed our weaknesses as a nation. In basketball, winning hides our weaknesses; losing exposes our weaknesses, usually all of them.

Because all humans have weaknesses, all nations have many weaknesses. The USA is one of those nations. Often such weaknesses become a systemic problem, involving the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS. Historically, these have been manifested from generation to generation and carefully chronicled in the book of Genesis.

As was and is exemplified, the root of all evil is selfishness. Therefore, all human problems are rooted in Systemic Selfishness. According to Biblical truth, this originated when personal innocence was lost in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Eve chose their way, not God’s way. This is how it played out in their emotions, which are the four fruits of selfishness.

  • FEAR – Adam and Eve heard God’s voice and were afraid. We see this domination in today’s culture.
  • INFERIORITY – Adam and Eve’s fear produced shame, a cover-up, a striving to be more (as in today’s materialism).
  • GUILT/LONELINESS – Adam and Eve hid, did not accept personal responsibility. Today, this hiding is exhibited in family destruction, addictions of all kinds, murders, wars, burnings, looting. 
  • ANGER – Adam and Eve’s inward anger caused them to blame the other, including a serpent. Uncontrolled anger always destroys oneself as well as others.

This Thursday, we will look at the HAVES and the HAVE NOTS in this world’s systemic problem.