March Madness is not only about the NCAA Basketball Tournament.  It is also about the madness in firing of coaches!

Nearly every basketball coach in America, at any level, even 4th grade YMCA ball, has somebody unhappy with them. If the unhappy person(s) has the power, the coach gets fired. Period. End of story! 

If you never want to run the risk of getting fired, don’t coach a sports team. Especially basketball. 

If you don’t want to run the risk of getting fired, don’t get married. Successful, happy marriages are a minority. 

If you don’t want to run the risk of getting fired, don’t start a business. Most startups don’t last five years. 

Well I have run the risk of being a basketball coach, a husband, and a businessman. 

In basketball, I heard the words, “You’re fired!” It is a great story and I will write it up someday.  

In marriage, Susie says, “Divorce no, murder maybe.”

In business, there are lots of huge challenges, yet by God’s grace, NBC is alive and well. Jennifer Crowell Ferch leads NBC into the second generation. 

So, Mr. Fred, what is the point of this WOH?

If you get fired, get back up off the ground and get busy! Imitate this unnamed coach:

Recently, an amazing college coach was fired unjustly. His courage and integrity shouts loudly as he moves forward, void of bitterness, yet rich in hope. 

If you have been fired in marriage, be like my hero who came back from the low of lows to love life with peace and forgiveness. Nine years after his getting fired, he was rewarded with a woman who truly loved him. 

If you lost your business, get back up like my friend who refused to take bankruptcy, and has repaid 1 million dollars at huge sacrifices to his family, yet the family lives joyfully.