WEDDINGS: “Getting married is like swallowing the sun”.


Again Jesus speaks to us about an important life principle in a parable. He said, ”The kingdom of heaven is like
King who prepared a wedding banquet for his son.”

The problem was the ones the King wanted to come celebrate his son’s marriage refused to come. They were too busy. Thus the king invited anyone and everyone to come.

Why is this an important lesson for me and those important to me?

It is interesting to me that Jesus equates heaven to a wedding feast. As a former marriage and family counselor, the quote using the sun as a metaphor impacted my views of making a marriage successful.

“Getting married is like swallowing the sun; getting divorced is like vomiting the sun”.

Seems the same can be said for going to heaven or not going to heaven. I know for sure when I close my eyes for the last time on planet earth, when they open I deeply hope to see Abba Father and Jesus. The first person I want to see and embrace is my mother whom I have not seen in 52 years. It will be like swallowing the sun!

Another lesson from this parable for me is to delight in going to weddings and also significant events to honor people important to me. In two weeks three marriages take place the same date; Saturday the 25th. Susie and I can attend one of them. My question is to find ways to honor all three of these wonderful friends.

Last, but not least, is my desire to be in the 1% who want to live daily with the resolve to enter the Kingdom of Heaven; not the 20% average of people who make things happen, where as 80% ask what happened!


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