Encourage children to dream big dreams; train them the life skills to make their dreams and visions come true.

The creative gift, imagination, separates the human mind from every other creature on the planet.

Imagination births vision.

The more crystal clear we are with what we envision with our imagination, the more energy, and power we have to carry that vision out in reality.

All great achievements begin with vision. 

All great achievements begin with the end result in mind, not just the beginning or first step.

All great achievements begin with big thinking, yet require doing the small things extraordinarily well.

All great achievements demand a never, never quit attitude, regardless of the hardships of the task and negativity of other people.

An example of the power of vision that carries conviction.

A Spokane businessman started his business with a small loan. No one but he and his wife believed in his vision. Vision powered his conviction. He dedicated all he had and all he was to win the race set out before him.

Imagination created vision, vision powered goals, goals powered action, action created achievement.

When asked “How did you do it?”

He shared, “I live three values.”

  • Stay focused
  • Keep my head down
  • Come to work every day

When I do these values well, I build such a high wall my competitors ask themselves, “Do I really want to climb over this wall to try to get his business?”

All business is a vision robber.

No vision provides little energy.

Poor energy yields limp conviction.

Crystal clear vision creates direction.

Head down keeps direction focused.

Come to work every day brings good results.

Today’s Word of Hope is inspired by Eric Hixson, owner of E2Media. Creator of the wonderful Toyota promotions you see in Alaska, Eastern Washington, Southern Idaho, and Montana.