Recently one of my remarkable sisters asked me this profound question: “What made you become a Christian?”

If you remember, dear sis, we both grew up with the assumed ID of not being intelligent and an outcast family. Both our parents dropped out of school. We had no books in our home. Often, we were told we were not smart. Our rich relatives gave us hand-me-downs. At school, we felt poor and dumb. The only place I personally felt safe was on the basketball court or baseball field. 

So, in answer to your question, Do you really know why I turned to Jesus? He told me what I always longed to hear. He told me the TRUTH. People did try to encourage me. They told me I was good enough. Yet this was just a delusional half-truth.

Jesus told me I was not good enough! I already knew I was not good enough, although most humans do like to be told this. In fact, because of this, centuries ago humans took the only One good enough and crucified Him on a rugged Roman cross.

Here is my Words of Hope succinct answer to why I became a Christian. (Meet My Head Coach book gives my long answer.)  While the head basketball coach at the University of Alaska in Fairbanks, I was presented with the facts of Jesus Christ. As for Fred Crowell, I decided the brand new ID and password were worth accepting with my whole life.

Now my every day, every-experience ID code is:


          ID#: I am a Miracle03181942  (using rules of caps and numbers!)

          PASSWORD: 70 X 7 Forgiven 

This is the best ID because the author and creator is God Almighty, not any human being or life experience.

The Good News truth is our not-good-enough becomes more-than-good-enough when we willingly accept His gift of a new ID and password in Jesus Christ.

What is your ID and password? Out of love, you get to choose and experience the consequences of your choice.