Tribute to the late Americo Makk, one of modern day’s greatest artists.

Americo invited me to watch him paint one afternoon in his home in Honolulu. It was a fascinating experience.

Check it out. I call it “Unfinished Man” because there was further brush to canvas work to be done to meet the artist’s high standards.

Unfinished Man is my reminder that The Lord Jesus Christ is still painting my life picture. I am an unfinished man. This inspires me, motivates me, and encourages me.

As I walk the hallway in our home Americo Makk’s two photos of Venice greet me with ease and grace; two ways I choose to live my life.

Americo and his wife came to New York in 1961. They were people without a country.

Americo was born in Budapest. In 1956 he fled Hungary in the middle of the night. He was the only passenger on a train headed to Vienna. He had no legal papers. Many of his friends had been sent to Siberia by the Russians who occupied his beloved country.

Miraculously, Americo made his way to Rome to study art on a scholarship granted by the Italians; if he could find a way to get there.  

There he saw the love of his life.

Eva, also Hungarian but was born in Ethiopia. Her ancestry was of royalty.

Germany forced Hungary to fight with them in WWI. Unlike the Swiss, they had no choice.

Eva’s father said, “Never again.”  He foresaw WWII on the horizon. He left his remarkable country that was robbed of over half its land as penalty for being slaves to the German War machine. He and his wife moved to Africa. He became Master of Agriculture for Haile Selassie, the Emperor where Eva was born.  

WWII changed it all for Eva’s family. Even though her parents had immunity, a British Officer had 5 year old Eva and parents arrested and placed in an internment camp. From luxury to communal tent living became their reality.

Eva was brilliant with paint and brush. She, too, earned a scholarship to learn from the best of the best. Italian art was the place to become world class.

There he met the love of his life. Today she is considered by many to be the greatest living Impressionist. The Crowell’s believe Eva Makk is one of the most gracious, generous people we have known in our lifetime.

As you meditate on Unfinished Man use this silent time to reflect in your unfinished humanity. It is wonderful to behold and to know unfinished as we all are, the God of the Universe knows us by name and is painting us to be like His Son.

Is there a more noble idea? Is there a more gracious act? Is there one reason not to surrender all that we are or ever hope to be to the one who died on the cross so that we may live?

We have enough, it is enough. We live in “want” and we never run out of “want.”

Enjoy Fred’s Americo Makk Mini Art Gallery. For the real thing go to makkart.com

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