“Boy, we live in two different worlds and we both are extremely happy.” -Long Time Friend

As I read this email from a former classmate I began to reflect on the idea of people living in two different worlds.

Reflection for me involves three movements.

  • Listen
  • Learn
  • Act

Reflection for me is to ask questions.

There are two kinds of questions.

Factual questions:

What time is it?
What is your name? Etc.

Elegant questions:

What is bringing you happiness these days?
What can I do to make our relationship better?

Factual questions are important because facts are important. There are right and a wrong answer to them.

Elegant questions make for richer and more delightful conversation because there is not a right and wrong question. These questions go to the deep inner things of the mind and heart.

I love the elegant question.

My friend’s words about us living in two different worlds moved me to think of these kind of questions.

What kind of world do you think I live in friend?

How does our world differ?

What is it about your world that makes you extremely happy?

In your view, what do you see that makes me extremely happy?

A final thought to my longtime friend and to you my special readers of Words of Hope.

Let’s imagine we are in our final days in our two different worlds. We are in hospice; same place; same room; single beds and within the next five minutes we will close our eyes for the last time.

Will we both be extremely happy? Will we have something to look forward to?

Will one of my favorite sayings be for real for you? “Today’s goodbye is tomorrow’s hello.”

With supreme confidence, my last goodbye is going to be the next glorious hello to Abba Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, my mother, Kathleen Mitchell Crowell, and many who have gone before me.

Plus I will be waiting with open arms for all loved ones, to say hello again when their times comes.