It costs so little to be NICE.

Few things in life are more fun and fascinating to me than people. From my earliest days in coaching basketball, motivation has been of keen interest to me.

The late Dr. Howard Hendricks defined motivation in its simplest form, “Motivation is what gets people off the dime.”  

It amazes me that I am still shocked at how being nice pays such huge dividends. People truly appreciate sincere niceness and often respond accordingly.

Often I ask flight attendants, business owners, clerks, and drivers this question: “What percentage of your customers are rude?”

The answers seldom varies. Twenty percent is the response.  

If we are not careful, the rude 20% can rob us of our joy. To be nice, it seems to me, we must monitor time, energy, and money.  When we are too busy, we miss opportunities to be nice. When we are too tired, we have no energy to see other’s pain. When we have money problems, life gets harder.

“Be nice” is a worthy habit to master. Today is a good day to practice nice.