TIME TO BRAG – Time to be quiet

Until you become a grandparent you cannot understand the urge to brag to the point of ad nauseum about your grand children. No wonder we call them Grand.

Put six grandmas or papas together with iPhones in hand and the competition to, “show and tell” rivals many athletic events.

The bragfest is so competitive, the Olympic committee should consider making this an event. It would not be lacking for contestants!

King Solomon wrote a phenomenal book, Ecclesiastes, to make all who read it wiser. One of his many pearls was, “For everything there is a season and a time for every matter under heaven.”

Wisdom is knowing when to brag and when too listen. Bragging becomes ad nauseum when the teller has no interest in being a listener.  

Your Words of Hope author openly confesses, this is brag time.  

Ariana (photo: left), a 14 year old 9th grader. After much coaxing Ari showed us one of her amazing skills she learned during a 4.5 hour sessions a Spokane’s Ballet Arts.

The other (photo: bottom right) is our Blonde Bomber, Natalya, a 19 year old sophomore, at highly competitive Oklahoma City University. This song sung with friend Laney is a very difficult piece. Impossible for me.

The reason these two inspire me is because both represent the three skills I teach all my basketball students.

  1. Master the art of LOVING hard work.
  2. Find your PASSION and live it.
  3. Plan – PREPARE to master the skills to the level of your highest level of competence.

For a good read go to your Bible and enjoy Solomon’s  book of wisdom.   

Thank you for listening to my brag time, my task now is listen and apply the 3 skills I teach. Join me. Let me know what you learned from this WOH.