The Mike Nilson Gonzaga Basketball Story


On the eve of the Gonzaga Bulldogs NCAA First Round tip-off, I’m reminded that this truly is the greatest sports event in the world. It is called March Madness for a reason. I love the road to the Final Four. It’s paved with agony and ecstasy, upsets, buzzer beaters and blowouts. It’s a beautiful confrontation of mid-majors and blue bloods.

It was 20 years ago that one small mid-major in Gonzaga broke the glass ceiling into those “blue bloods” of college basketball with a miracle win against top-tier Florida to go to the Elite 8. 

To honor that journey, The Mike Nilson Story gives you a documentary-style inside view of the foundation Mike and his teammates laid. Several excellent coaches have told me, “I wish every young person fighting for their high dreams to come true could hear and see Mike’s Nilson’s story.” Well, here is their and your opportunity.

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1. Sharing Mike’s message to young athletes that haven’t yet seen a payoff to their hard work. They need encouragement, as most teams end their season in a loss, or some unfulfilled goal. 

2. The high value that NBC Camps has always put on relationship shines through in this video. I believe this generation desires that, so seeing it lived out is powerful.

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