Than You Fred

Thank you, Fred. What an amazing compliment from you and Susie. I feel like it has taken a long time to learn not to feel like I have to force knowledge and strength. I never want to be Napoleon. Servant Leadership has really framed my interactions and relationships. For someone little it was a little scary at first because it can open you up to be labeled weak but around my neck I wear a cross with 2 Cor 12:9-10 inscribed in it. If I am going to profess to it, I need to live it. So far, it has worked with me leading our scouting staff and gained the confidence of our leadership. God willing, that will continue and hopefully I will be trusted with more influence over time.

Austin is the red head in the blue shirt.

Tell Susie I miss her!!

Ryan Carr

Director of Scouting

Indiana Pacers