KEY STATEMENT: encouragement is oxygen; encouragement is water. Without encouragement and water the human body cannot survive. Without encouragement, humans cannot thrive.

NBC Thailand was founded by an amazing man. His name is Diego Sierra. Diego has passion and love for children, basketball, and our Heavenly Father. Today in history, basketball camps in Thailand are alive and well because of this wonderful friend.

Words of encouragement matter! Diego and Kristin’s words inspire me to fight and win the moment.

Diego writes:

Hi Fred, every morning I wake up early with my wife and do a devo. We just finished your EQ crash course and it has really helped us have a plan for the day. Thank you for your words of wisdom. The Sierra’s are grateful! God bless you my brother.

Diego and Kristin praise God for the awesome news!!! We thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom through this situation… Your commitment to God has made a huge impact in our own journey… Love in Christ…

Who can you encourage today? A day that you do not encourage at least one person is a wasted day.

If you have received any encouragement from being united with Christ, make my joy complete by encouraging at least one person today.

Words of Paul and Fred.