The  IT” can be dust and dirt; depression, anger, resentment, bitterness, addictions, and even suicide.

The thinking is:

If you don’t see the problem,“IT” will go away.

If you don’t think about it, the problem, “IT” will go away.

If no one knows, “IT” won’t hurt your universities reputation.

If you don’t tellIT,” you will not be an embarrassment to you and family.

Sweeping dirt under the rug makes the floor look clean until you lift the rug.

Stuffing the closets full of clutter makes for a presentable living area but an unmanageable closet.

Denying personal trauma and pain help you look good on the outside but you are dying slowly on the inside.

Life is often like dirt under the rug and clutter in the closet.

Looks good on the outside but junked and derailed on the inside.

The finest psychology, philosophy, theology, and basketball book that was ever written teaches guarding the heart above all else, renewing the mind and presenting your body as a living sacrifice, which is like cleaning under the rug and organizing the closet with excellence.

What’s under your life rug and in your closet? This is a deep dive into your interior life.

When was the last time you did a deep dive into you?  This is existential self-diagnosis.  It isn’t fun!

For 8 long years the deep dive, physical diagnosis, has been a near monthly ritual.  Generally, my blood pressure climbs during these visits.

Too soon I will have an MRI and a neurological exam to satisfy my Oncologists concerns.

“Fred, why did you cancel the MRI I scheduled for you?”

…I feel good, Doc, I don’t need an MRI!

“Fred, it has been 4 years since you had an MRI. I want to see what is going on to be sure.”

…Why do I have to do a Neurological screen or whatever that is, Doc?

“Because I want to rule out any issues with your brain.”

…Doc, I know my mind doesn’t work normally. I have never been normal. I don’t want to do this test.

“Fred, do you want to do it your way or my way? It is your choice.”

What can we learn from this dialogue between oncologist any patient about sweeping life’s dirt under the rug and stuffing the pain in our life closet?

For schools and universities pretending it didn’t happen, or hiding suicides from the public is an unhealthy practice.  For those in the know of the situation not discussing it or bringing it to the surface is like having an elephant in the room.

One of the bravest men I know is a father in Alaska whose son committed suicide. He spoke openly about his son’s death with the intent that it would never happen again in his village. Years have gone by without a suicide.

Untold thousands of people are living in silence and loneliness in the black box experience called depression.

They are too ashamed to tell anyone. They sweep it under the rug or toss it into the closest.

Some simple yet difficult solutions:

  1. Don’t sweep your problems under the rug or stuff it in your closet.  Use your faith whatever amount you have to ask God to help you.
  2. Find a trusted other who has a proven track record to share what is under your rug and in your closet.
  3. Create a game plan to change. Do you want to change? You need to change to be healthy. Example: My oncologist is my coach I am the quarterback. I will take the test as he requested.
  4. This is my strongest of the four. Trust in the Lord with all your heart all your mind of all your spirit and he will direct your path.
  5. Read daily words of hope with Fred Crowell for 30 days and I believe you will find new ways to clean under the rug and organize your closet.