State of Life Address to the four most important people in my life

Dear and Lovely Crowell’s, my A-Team! You have expanded the A-Team to a United Team of 11 Saints.

Early today as I studied the verses listed under Lord in my Bible, I was led to read Deuteronomy Chapter 6. In summary, I read that the leaders of Israel had come up with as many as 613 laws or commandments.

Taking all these 613 commandments; both the God of the old covenant and Jesus, Lord God of the new covenant it is clear, “There is one and only one commandment that really matters.  

The commentator of this Bible translation said, “It comes down to one, simple, logical question”?


If the answer is not “EVERYTHING,” then nothing else matters. If Jesus, the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, the Lord our God is not our everything, life is reduced to just things and more things. Things are wood, hay, stubble, at best, rusted trophies.

Based on all of what I have just written, as far as I can tell, the success of a parent comes down to one actuality.

Do your children believe and live to love the Lord their God with all their mind, heart and soul; the commandment that Trumps (no pun intended), every commandment?

My dearest Jennifer, Jay, Shann, Jennifer Love, Natalya, Ariana, Isabella, Kingston, Giavanna, and Timothy.

Jennifer and Jay, you have lived loving your Lord God and lived it so well. It was an absolute miracle that you both dated and married ones who love the Lord God with all their minds and hearts. Thus my two children became 4 great loves; and out of four have grown 11 miraculous living trophies who truly seek, first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness with all their minds and hearts.

Jennifer brought us the gift, Shann Ray Ferch.

Jay gave us the gift, Jennifer Love.

Shann and Jennifer gave us 3 joyful gifts, Nataly, Ariana, Isabella.

Jay and Jennifer gave us Incredibles, Kingston, and Giavanna.

Natalya brought the amazing Timothy Dean Fisher to the team.

For these reasons I consider the present trials facing Susie and I, as opportunities; not hardships, because we have run the race; we reached our ultimate two primary life goals.

1). To live life to love our Lord God with all of our minds and hearts.

2). To see our children love our Lord God with all their minds and hearts.

We have glimmering living-trophies in our trophy case, and it keeps getting even better. Each of our lives has inspired others to love and honor our Lord God with all their minds and hearts as well. 

My hope at this moment is to call each of us to a deeper commitment to living for Christ and His Glory for all to see, even amid, “times that try men’s souls.”

Husband, Dad, Papa