Each night when I go to sleep, I die, in the next morning, when I wake up, I am reborn.

– Mahatma Gandhi

Our amazing child, Jennifer, has done a beautiful job being the COO of NBC Camps the past two years. One of her gifts to the team is personal development; Jennifer selects excellent books for us to study.

Presently we are reading Essentialism written by Greg McKeown. I borrowed the title of chapter 8 Sleep for Today’s Words of Hope.  

Today I was set to fly to Texas to see three fantastic NBC coaches. RJ Barsh, who took his SE University team to the NAIA II quarter finals in his second year. Rhett Soliday who’s Vanguard U team was the NAIA I National Champs in 2013. Donnie Bostwick, who has won National Championships as well. He is the head coach of SAGU in Texas where the games are being held. 

This was going to be a slice of basketball heaven for me in Waxahachie.  

Going to bed last night I decided if I woke up early, I would catch an early flight, so I had to chose between rest or travel. I woke up at 3am to take Teacup our Pomeranian to emergency; left Keiki our other dog at the vet with my wife Susie, and raced home to get my bags for the airport. 

Should I go or stay home? The mind game question had me in high think mode! 

Health has forced me to call life timeouts. This was timeout time. Slow the bus down is the Crowell mantra to get huddled up for time with the Lord Jesus Christ and Abba Father. 

“Stay home and rest” won! To my astonishment I slept most of the day, did some NBC tasks, and dozed off repeatedly. Sleep was precious today.

Glad I read the sleep chapter. For old warriors, like me, staying home is difficult. Work is my hobby, but staying home was the right decision.

By the way, friends, how is your sleep? What is your exhaustion level?  

Let’s protect our asset! Our best gift is being healthy. These past five years living at the oncology clinic has proven to the Crowells: if you are healthy you have it made! 

Sleep well friends! Protect your asset????!