What you do not see is most often more important than what you see.  St. Paul even said to seek the unseen – often the eternal – because the seen is often temporary.  (II Corinthians 4:18)

The photo of the Colorado Christian Cougars 2018 men’s basketball program is a perfect object lesson to learn the principle of seen vs. unseen.  What do you see in the photo? How many players do you see?

Yet, there are some very important things that you do not see in this photo. You don’t see the tremendous effort these 18 men are making to become the first five on the traveling team. You don’t see the early-morning workouts in the weight room where they are pushed to become stronger, faster, quicker, wiser. You don’t see the hearts and desire of these men to be successful, despite fear of failure or worry. You don’t see their commitment to each other.

Their current coach, Jeff Hironaka, is an amazing man who gave me the privilege of being on the inside of the CCU men’s basketball program. I saw him to be a great man who players are eager to work for and take to a greater level. 

If basketball is worth working hard to build a team of unity to win basketball games, how much more important is it for each of us to build our personal teams?  Family teams. Husband-wife teams. Parent-children teams. Friendship teams. All need love, kindness, goodness, gentleness, patience, self-discipline, loyalty, conviction.

In my personal Meet My Head Coach book, chapter 6 mentions team unity as being the toughest, most difficult attainment in life. However, Jesus Christ spoke to its importance. His last prayer with his disciples was for a oneness, that they may be one as we are one that the world will believe that You have sent Me.”  (John 17:21)  This is glory to the Father, holding Him up for honor and praise. 

If the world is not believing, it may be confused about Christianity because it is not seeing the unity of God’s light, life, and love. Individuality should be transformed by personal devotion to Christ in love. No longer is there complete independence! If we work as hard at displaying unity as a basketball team does, each of us will experience a greater team unity in our spheres of influence in this world.