As I read Matthew’s account of the brutality, taunting and abuse the ROMAN soldiers inflicted upon Jesus, I reflected on the hurt, pain, destruction and suffering in our world.

Clearly so much of this is self inflicted. Humans seem to systematically sabotage themselves.

Susie often said, “I kept shooting myself in the foot and wondered why it hurt.”

There are probably many reasons the Roman soldiers mocked the Lord. The one reason that stands out to me is, these tough men, experienced great pain and hurt in their own lives.

The degree of their hurt is equal to the hurt they put on Jesus.

Daily I see evidence of hurting people hurting themselves and others; too often the ones we love the most are recipients of this hurt.

As I eliminate, or at least reduce hurt in my life, there will be less subconscious destructive behavior.

The steps for me are:
Existentially diagnose hurt in my life.
Be wise in being socially aware of others. Be safe for them.
Develop action plan for personal changes.

A Worthy Goal: Seek positive solutions to deal with hurt so that I don’t hurt anyone today; especially those I love the most.