A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. – Proverbs 11:25

Racketball, handball, and squash initially are very difficult games to play until you learn a critical skill. Unlike all other ball games, these games you let the ball go by and then play them off the wall on the return of the ball.

In essence, we are talking about the principle of letting go. In the case of being refreshed logic says, “me first”.

I get the first class of cold water
I get the biggest and best steak.
Hey, “I get shotgun in the car!”
Me first is the focus. 

Me first does not work in God’s economy. Amazingly it doesn’t work well in team sports either.
Me first destroys marriages.
Me first robs children of great parents. 

50 years ago, this new year. Susie and I discovered a new way to see the world. At first, it baffled us. Today it is the Way the Truth and the Life for us.

We have discovered giving, trumps getting.
We now have a life experience that proves as we refresh others we, in turn, are refreshed.
With deep gratitude, Abba Father thank you for revealing this mystery to us.