A lesson from Matthew 26

Imitation is the FATHER OF LEARNING


At a crucial moment, when Jesus was being arrested, he told Peter to put away his sword.

Sports camps can be challenging businesses. Competition is tough. Like life, people don’t always play fair.

Recently I scheduled a meal with one of these competitors to find a way to work together.

This was the crucible of the conversation. “No longer is battling with others my desire. Meaning and purpose drive my bus. My M/P is to love life, to love people, and most importantly to love God. It would be wonderful to be a life changing experience for kids and families alongside you; however, because the programs are in your community NBC will not come without your approval.

The response was awesome. Both of us had put away our swords.

Today there will be opportunities to put away my sword.

It may be at a traffic light when an irritated driver honks their horn at me.

It may be when I am hurt by a rebuke or negative comment.

More likely it may come when something reminds me of a past, painful experience that takes a life time to heal.

These will be opportunities to put away my sword.

Jesus I love you for putting away your sword. A best friend betrayed you. Your Father asked you to go to the cross you obeyed. You paid in full for each and every time I failed to put away the sword.

Today my sword is put away because of your grace forgiveness and love.

– Love Fred