What if people loved other people like people love puppies?

What a wonderful world it would be.

Puppies are like people in so many ways.

Puppies and people need oxygen.
Puppies and people need water.
Puppies and people need good food.
Puppies and people need encouragement
Puppies and people need to be taught how to win.
Puppies and people need to learn self-discipline.

What kind of day would it be if we dedicate our selves to give puppy love to those special people in our lives?

What if you and me were tender, kind, and gentle with all those we come in contact with today?

What if we protected those people with the same tenacity we protect these little tiny puppies?

It’s really this simple. It is not Astro Physics to be tender, kind, and gentle. We don’t need college degrees to dish out tons of encouragement.

The only hard part is in the doing! You have read these words. Now the question is, What will you do with these Words of Hope?

You win or lose by the way you choose. Choose kindness, tenderness, and encouragement today.