Matthew 23 – Seven Woes.

Mathew quotes the Master’s scathing rebuking of those who don’t practice what they preach.

In this I saw myself all too often; and one of the rebukes that stood out was, YOU CLEAN THE OUTSIDE OF THE CUP BUT NOT THE INSIDE.

Today I am motivated to clean both the inside and outside of myself. It seems to me when I clean a cup it is more difficult to clean the inside; like a car the interior demands more attention to detail.

I guess because I am passionate about teaching ball players how to be smart players EQ (emotional intelligence) it is second nature to see EQ vital to having victory over the seven woes.

Today I will practice self-awareness, the first key in being people smart. How does my verbal and non-verbal communication impact others?

Personal note:
This past week I celebrated my 50th anniversary of being the head basketball coach at the U of Alaska. Days were filled with speaking engagements and NBC business dinners with former players. It was delightful yet so busy I did not do Words of Hope. Repeats of former days of Word of Hope will be sent to you.


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